In the summer of 2009, Transformation City Church bought a boarded-up drug house in the middle of the Sherman Park neighborhood in the central city of Milwaukee.

The members of the church, with some help from local contractors donating time and resources, rehabbed the house, restoring it to a livable duplex. Since then, five people have answered the call to move into this duplex, living in intentional Christian community. 


In May of 2012, Transformation City Church launched the Christian non-profit, Inhabit, in order to rehab more houses, train leaders and serve in the neighborhood. 

In August 2012, the Bank of America Foundation donated a second house to us. It too was used for drug dealing and was in rough shape. With the help of over a hundred volunteers and generous local contractors, the second house was rehabbed. In January of 2013 four people moved into the former drug house to live and serve in the neighborhood.


Inhabit purchased a third house in the Summer of 2015 on 50th and Center st. and four leaders currently live there.


Inhabit expanded its vision and mission to offer long term ministry support and resourcing for those called to neighborhood ministry in the city. This new group is called the Front Porch.


Inhabit is launching a new ministry dedicated to acquiring and rehabbing distressed homes in the central city and selling these homes a low price point. This new ministry will allow our some of our neighbors who rent to become home owners.