Making Houses Homes

Research indicates that Central City Residents pay the highest percentage of their income toward housing of any demographic group yet benefit the least from this investment. 

Many of our neighbors pay "Slum Landlords" a large portion of their income each month while these absentee owners don't do repairs, threaten eviction and refuse to exterminate pests or address criminal activity on the premises. These rental properties decay and bring the quality of life in the neighborhood down while extracting resources from economically vulnerable communities. Eventually tax payers end up footing the bill for board ups, inspections and raze orders. It costs us all when the poor are exploited. 

How can we help change this injustice?

Inhabit acquires, rehabs and sells homes at low price points to owner occupants in the neighborhood - allowing residents of the neighborhood to control their own future and fully invest in the community in which they live. Inhabit believes that home ownership is a key to neighborhood stabilization and part of our calling as the Christians seeking the flourishing of the city.