Inhabit believes in the power of Christian neighbors. Inhabit empowers Christian neighbors as they invest in Milwaukee communities, partnering with local leaders and organizations to see the community flourish.

Inhabit believes that being a neighbor matters – because neighbors are inherently interested in the well-being of their neighborhoods. Neighbors invest their time, money, love and presence in a geographically specific place over a long period of time. Neighbors don’t close up shop at 5pm, take the day off or lose interest. Good neighbors are knit into the community and seek to partner with each other when it benefits the community as a whole.

Our Mission

Inhabit exists to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by equipping Christians to intentionally live, serve and follow in Milwaukee neighborhoods.


We believe in the good news of the scriptures that Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, proclaimed the Kingdom of God. In this proclamation, Jesus calls his followers to lives of service and sacrifice not for themselves, but for His Kingdom. Faith is therefore not simply mental assent to a set of ideas, but instead a living and active response to Christ crucified. Orthpraxy (Right Action) and Orthodoxy (Right Belief) must be in a continuous cycle that inform and challenge one another.


Inhabit is a church-based non-profit organization in Milwaukee that gathers, supports, and equips Christians as we seek the well-being of the City together.  

Inhabit believes that God's Kingdom is demonstrated most radically when people come together across traditional boundaries and love each other as interdependent neighbors working together to see the community flourish. 

Inhabit fosters long term investment in the city through the framework of the Christian Community Development Association.