During the summer months on the Northside of Milwaukee, neighbors still do what Northside neighbors did 100 years ago – they sit on the front porch and get to know each other. No one hides in the backyard. Kids play out front and neighbors keep and eye of them and grill out – offering a plate to neighbors who walk by.

This is a vision of community. It is a metaphor for Biblical neighborliness. This why we call our new ministry Front Porch.


The Front Porch gathers, networks and equips Christians who are seeking to live out their calling the central city context of Milwaukee for the long term. We provide fellowship, prayer, access to critical resources and mentoring. Front Porch is for those who have committed to holistically engaging their neighborhoods and who realize that this can't be done alone – we need each other. If this idea sparks you, contact us and we'd love to meet and talk with you about how to get involved. 

Over the next year we will:

  • Gather for prayer, worship and fellowship.
  • Bring a group of leaders to the Christian Community Development Conference, in Chicago November 2018.
  • Offer dynamic cohort groups and book studies on neighboring in the city.
  • Provide resources and mentoring to accomplish your calling in the city context. 

More information

For more info on times and offerings, email DesAnne Hippe.